Monday, 18 May 2009

Binary version of 0MQ on OpenVMS Integrity Available

There is a binary version of 0MQ on OpenVMS Integrity Server here: or
Both the above files may be unzipped using the UNZIP utility or the JAR utility from the Java SDK.
This version contains all the necessary binaries to get you going without the need to build from source. For those that do wish to build from source or simply review it, the jar file does contain all source code from which the binaries were built.

You will find performance test (latency) programs written in FORTRAN and COBOL in the [perf.tests.zmq] directory. These make use of the 0MQ wrapper which may be found in the [libvmszmq] directory. We hope to write a short document on the use of the wrapper routines. (Volunteers are more than welcome!)

The file in the [openvms] directory needs to be modified to suit your environment. Comments are in the file to assist you in changing the location of the disk and directory into which you unzipped the kit.

The [openvms] directory also contains a number of COM files which you may use to compile and link both the performance testing programs as well as the 3 tutorials: Chat, Butterfly and Exchange.

However, the latest copy of the source code should always be downloaded from The current release for OpenVMS is available here: There is also an installation guide at this address.

Note: Version 0.6.1 will be released in a few days, so keep an eye on the Web site.

If someone is desperate enough, we will see if we can build a version of the above for Alpha, the condition being that the OpenVMS 8.3 or higher is available on the target system.

Cheers, John