Wednesday, 12 May 2010

ZeroMQ V2.0.6 Released on OpenVMS Alpha and Integrity

BC&JA are pleased to announce that a binary-only version of OMQ V2.0.6 has been released for Alpha and Integrity, OpenVMS 8.3 and higher.

What is new in V2?
The following is from an excellent paper on the roadmap and motivation for the architecture of OMQ V2:

BSD sockets have been used in thousands of applications over the years, but they suffer from some limitations. The low-level nature of the socket API leads developers to reimplementing the same functionality on top of sockets over and over again. Alternatives exist in the form of various "I/O frameworks" and "enterprise messaging systems" but both of these approaches have their own set of drawbacks. The former are generally bound to certain programming languages or paradigms, while the latter tend to be bloated, proprietary solutions with resident daemons that hog system resources.
0MQ ("Zero-Em-Queue") is a messaging system that tackles these issues by taking a different approach. Instead of inventing new APIs and complex wire protocols, 0MQ extends the socket API, eliminating the learning curve and allowing a network programmer to master it in a couple of hours. The wire protocols are simplistic, even trivial. Performance matches and often exceeds that of raw sockets.
Please take a look at the Release Notes for this latest version of 0MQ.
If you are interested in giving the software a try, then please drop us a note at brett.r.cameron (AT) and johndapps (AT) stating the platform for which you require a kit.
We do recommend you peruse all the information at 0MQ.
Please do let us know how you get on with the software and, if possible, a few words about what you are planning on implementing with it.